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Sales fair of the Tel Aviv center for the blind.


While working at my business as a designer of handbags and accessories, for the past two years I have also been teaching blind women, at the Tel aviv center for the blind, how to Make Beaded Jewelry. 

When I started it was a roller coaster we had to go through a lot of obstacles, it is not easy to make a delicate craft like beading without seeing, but they wanted to learn so much and I saw their desire so I was happy to take part and teach them. Looking back I see how much I learned from them as well, especially how much willpower and faith is important and completely changes the outcome. It certainly one of my most important lessons I learned in my life, thanks to working with those amazing women.

Last Friday, were invited to display and sell their works at a fair that took place at the British Ambassador Residence in Israel. At the fair participated many organizations that contribute to the community in Israel, it was very exciting day, anyone who saw the jewelry was amazed by the fact that these jewelry were made by blind women. 

beaded jewelry made by blind womenbeaded jewelry made by blind women

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