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5 accessories that will help you get through your busy day and stay stylish

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Every once in a while, there are those busy long days, that you know in advance that you will end the day late and tired. Well, If you like your work and what you do, you probably still had many more days like that, but you can make them more easy and more fun with the right accessories...

We found 5 items to help you improve your busy day.

1. Shoes are the most important ingredient, good shoes will influence how your day would look like. If you working and running around all day, shuffle from boardroom to boardroom you will need those small heels that will just make your day much easy, without feeling pain.

XOXO Womens Sadler

XOXO Womens Sadler


2. Small and classic earrings, that just goes with everything! So for sure will suit your office wear. These earrings of Half United, will also remind you why you do what you do, every morning you wear them and every night you take them off.

Half United Rae Earrings

Half United Rae Earrings


3. You do not have to carry all the weight on one side. Take an elegant backpack that will fits your office wear and will also be good for your back.

BERLIN, gray backpack.


4. A beauty kit of dark mascara, red hot lipstick and eye shadow in a natural shade, with light shimmer that is close to your skin tone, because it's the little things that makes the difference, and your day!

Classic Beauty Set

Classic Beauty Set


5. A small clutch that can get in to your backpack, so you can take all the important things for an out of the office lunch date, or meeting.

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