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2 important things to Know when you choose your everyday backpack!

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As a city girl my self, I'm alway busy running from meeting to meeting or making errands, around the city, and I love to do that with my backpack. So as a backpack lover and designer as well, I have 2 important tips, for you, to think about when you chose the right backpack for you self.

1) Make sure that the bag straps wide enough.

If you taking with you a laptop or folders or other Heavy things make sure your bag strap is at least 1.5 inches width, less than that will not be good for your shoulders, and may create over time pain in your shoulders. Backpacks with thiner straps, narrower than 1.5 inch, are good for those who like to carry a few things on their backs, like a phone, wallet and a small notebook. If you one of those don't be afraid to chose a chic and small backpack for your self, there so many stylish ones this summer, Just know not to overload it, so you will not carry too much weight on your shoulders.

2) Make sure the bag sits well on your shoulders.

The most important thing is that the bag sat well on the shoulders, because it is important that the weight you carry will go to the shoulders and not to your back otherwise it may damage your spine.

When the straps of the bag are too long so there is a gap between the bag and the shoulders, all the weight of the bag falls on the lower back and it may cause problems in the lower back, and back pain.

How to carry a backpack - by Petrushka studio vegan bags

You want to make sure that the backpack sits high on your shoulders and close to your back, so the weight you carry, in your everyday, will go to your shoulders and not your lower back.

How to carry a backpack, 2 tips by Petrushka studio, vegan bags



So what my everyday backpack?

I usually carry with me the Milan backpack. When I designed it, I thought about what would be comfortable and good for you over time, without compromising on beauty and style. I use it to cary my 13" laptop, notebook, make up, wallet, and others small things. 

The Milan backpack - Vegan backpack by Petrushka Studio

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog

All the Love

Bosmat and Petrushka studio ❤️

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