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Celebrate the spring with printable Mandala


If you following me on Instagram you already know that for most times I'm drawing to find my inspirations, when I want to create a new bag or a new print.
Well, the spring is here and When it began, A few weeks ago, I made a mandala of flowers to celebrate the spring, and for those of you, who like me, love to draw or paint to return to peace.  This mandala is for you, you can Download Here The Printable Mandala For Free for you to paint. 
Printable Mandala for spring
I chose mandala because the Mandela is used in art therapy as a therapeutic and diagnostic tool.
The circle that delineates the mandala symbolizes the boundaries of the self and the area outside Mandela represents the environment and the world outside.

Download The Printable Mandala For Free.

I hope you'll enjoy it.





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