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Family heritage


Since I was a child I loved to draw and do art crafts, I always knew that I inherited it from my grandmother, Rene.

My grandma was very talented woman, she was an excellent dressmaker and could make pattern of any outfit by looking at the clothes. She was the daughter of an artist who made a living from painting and draw patterns on walls, in Romania before World War II.

When my grandmother retired from work she began to study oil painting. It was something she dreamed about for years while working and raising a family, when she did not have much time for herself. A few years after she retired from work and started painting, she gradually began to lose her sight, until she could no longer draw and paint. As a child I was always considered her successor In my family because I was her only grandchild who loved to draw and paint.

Few years back I saw an advertisement for a course for sewing bags and decided it would be cool to sew myself a bag. During that course, I decided that it's what I want to do in life, and began to spend any free time I had to build my first bags collection. When I went to my father and told him about that, he told me that my grandmother also learned sewing bags in Romania before coming to Israel and when he was a child she worked in bags factory in Israel. I've never heard it before, and didn't know about that, but it was a nice surprise and today I feel a great honor to continue her way and the way of my great grandfather in my own ways.

Family Heritage, grandmother Rene

 My grandmother Rene




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