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5 Tips, How To Find Your Inspiration?

How to make inspirations working on new products

Has a designer, I know how some time it's hard to find inspiration or a great new idea for new products.
It's a struggle for every designer, yang and experienced, to reinvent them self, all the time, but theres few things you can do that can help you find your inspiration, in time of straggle.
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These are my 5 tips, that I think can help some of you, to get through your creation block. 

1) Don't look what you competitors are doing.
It is true that from a business standpoint it is right to know your market and your competitors, but when you straggle to find your inspiration don't look for it there, It will only confuse and keep you away from yourself and your own uniqueness. 
2) look at your customers, design should meet a person's need, whether in beauty, statement, or in functionality.
What are your customers like, ask your self and them, why they bought from you at the past?
If you new designer, ask your self who are your customers and why they will buy from you.
These questions are not supposed to keep you away from your uniqueness, they meant to find out how your uniqueness is expressed to meet the need of your customers and to differentiate you in the market. 
3) Do meditation, meditation is a great way to clear your mind, and go back to your true self, to reconnect whit what you love, the reason you chose to be a designer at the first place, and to forget the problems that block the creation mode.
4) Make a collage of all the visuals you love that are not related to the product you are designing.  
Why not related to the product? Because we want to build something new and direct visual to the product will limit you inspiration at this point.
5) set the clock to 15 minutes or half an hour and sketch as many things as possiblestart sketching every thing that comes to mind looking at the collage, with out thinking about the connection to the product you are designing.
To me, that is when the magic start, after sketching, all the inspiration comes, it's a great way to come out from creation block, because by starting to create something, even when it's not entirely related to your products. You stop thinking to much about how to create the next best thing, start working and just create!
I hope you enjoyed reading how I find my inspiration and got tips for yourself as well.
All the Love

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5 tips, how to find your inspiration?

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