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How to make the perfect evening clutch

How to make working on new products

Hi Vegan lovers, 
Today I decided to tech you how to make the perfect clutch bag by your self.
I love this bag and think that this clutch is perfect, because it's simple to make if you know just basic sewing, it in the perfect size for you to take all your essentials for a night out, and most important you can stylish it and make it your own unique evening bag, easily. 

Clutch Measurements:
Height - 5 inch / 13 cm
Length - 9 inch / 23 cm 
Depth -2.5 inch / 7 cm

we starting with zipper.

 I usually start designing after picking out buckles and zippers and I think that it important to start from the zipper, there are so many different kinds of zippers, plastic zippers in various colors, metal zippers in different metals and different backgrounds. It's definitely, the little things that make the difference, remember, God is in the details.

If you have visited my website, you know that I love gold zipper on black background, I think that it doesn't mater which color the bag is the gold zipper with the black is given an elegant look to the bag. So this is where you start to stylish your bag.

Efter you chose the zipper it's time to chose a fabric, I chose a blue fabric that I really love. But you can take advantage of this opportunity, and prepare your own fabric by  painting fabric, or use a canvas that it easy to draw on it, create petters with stamps and fabric paint, or just choose a beautiful fabric that you really like.How to make clutch bag step 1


We're starting with cardboard, take a cardboard larger than the size of our clutch bag, it doesn't matter the exact size to start.

(1,2) Make a cut with a ruler and a knife in the middle of the cardboard , for the whole length, (3) so we can fold the cardboard in half accurately. 

After folding the cardboard, (4) we will mark with a sharp point tool close to the sides, a point that will cross both sides, when we open the fold, (5,6) using a ruler, we will cut a straight line that passes between the two points.

After we have one side, straight, vertical to the middle, (7) we will fold the cardboard again and now we measured 16 cm\ 6 inch , from the side we cut straight, at the beginning. (8) When the cardboard is fold mark with a point toll, both sides. Now we opening the cardboard again and marking a line with a pen, between the two new points.

(9) Fold the cardboard again, (10) this time mark a dot, with the point tool, 4 cm/ 1.5 inch, from the line we drew. (11,12) Open and cut a start line between the to dots.

Fold the cardboard again, (13) place the ruler close to the top, this time measured from the middle (folded side) 13cm /5 inch and mark a dot at the top with a pen. After marking the top dot, place the ruler close to the drawn line, (14) and measure from the middle (the folded side) 17 cm /6.5 inch.

(15, 16, 17)Place the ruler between the to dots and cut.

How to make clutch bag step 2

(18) Now we will create the bag depth. Place the ruler to the drawn line and mark a dot 4 cm / 1.5 inch  from the edge on the line, now place the ruler 90 degrees vertically to the drawn line,(20, 21) where the point you marked and I drew a line from the point below, After drawing the lines, you can cut the square. (23, 24) Now you can fold again in half, and cut the square on the other side.

(25) The pattern is ready.

(26-28) After the pattern is ready, we can cut the fabrics, two pieces to the external and two for the lining.

(30, 31) At this point take the zipper 23 cm / 9 inches, and sew the external fabric and the lining to the zipper with the right side of the two fabrics facing the zipper. After the fabrics are sewn into a zipper, fold the external fabric close to the zipper, and sew while the lining remains straight. (32, 33) Now the first side is sewn properly so it is the time to sew the other side the same.

At this point the zipper is sewn properly, it's time to sew the sides of the bag. You should start to sew from the lining to the external  fabric of the bag, like in the pictures 37, 38.

When both sides are sewn, it is important to unzip the zipper. When the zipper is open you can continue to sew the bottom. First, sew the bottom of the lining 2.5 cm / 1 inch on each side as in the pictures 40, 41, then fold the bottom to the side and sew like in pictures 42-44.

The bag is almost ready, now, you need to sew the external fabric bottom, all the way through, and then fold the bottom to the lining and sew like you did with the lining. (46)

After everything is sewn except the bottom of the lining, you can turn the bag to the right side of the fabric, like in pictures 48-51, and sew the part of the lining we kept open, at the lining.



How to make clutch bag step 3

How to make clutch bag part 4


I hope you enjoy my clutch making 101.

I tried to be as detailed as possible, so that even without knowledge you can understand how to make a bag from scratch.

Please let me know what you think, you can leave a comment below.

Love Bosmat

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