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2 simple tips to take care of your skin!

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Since my teen years and for years later I had problematic skin, so for years, I have searched for good products for my skin. After years of searching and experimenting with lots of facial creams and skin caresI have learned, that for me, the best way is a natural way! Today I believe that the best products are the products that nature provides for us. So these are my two tips, which I hope will also help you, for a natural and homemade product to take care of your facial skin.

My first tip is Green clay mask, once a week.

Take a spoon of green natural clay into a small glass bowl and filled it with water until the water covers the clay. Leave the clay for an hour, come back after an hour and mix it until it becomes green mud, now it's ready and you can rub the mud on your face, leave it for half an hour or more, and wash it with soap after. The green clay cleans the face and helps to close open pores. It is not recommended to do the mask more than once a week, because more than that may dry your skin.

My second tip is a homemade, herbal, face toner.

I am growing at home plants of Sage, Thyme and Rosemary and every two days I cut a few leaves out of the three of them, put in a cup, pours hot water into the cup and wait for it to cool to the room temperature.  After it cools down I use it to clean my face every morning and every night. I make a new one every two days so that I would not have to use alcohol to preserve it.

 These are my two simple tips to take care of your facial skin, using natural goods.

I hope you liked my tips  :)

 All The Best & Love


Simple tips to take care of your skin with natural goods

Simple tips to take care of your skin with natural goods

Simple tips to take care of your skin with natural goods


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