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The new collection inspired by the Art Deco style

Fashion trend vegan bags

As a modern brand, we love to be inspired by old, classic designs, and to make something new with it.
One of our main inspirations is the Art deco style, I really love the classic of the early 20th century. The Art Deco combined ancient, Egyptian influences, and the modern art of that time. It appeared in France In the early 1920s but had a great influence on New York architecture and landscape.
Each bag from the new collection named after a city in France as a gesture to this wonderful style that appeared first in France, Toulouse, Lyon, and Albi.
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THE TOULOUSE BAG is the first bag out of the collection and has already swept a lot of compliments. It is very convenient for everyday errands, it's small but contain many objects you need throughout your busy day.

TOULOUSE BAG, vegan black crossbody bag

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THE LYON BACKPACK is the second from the ArtDeco-inspired collection. it's was very important for me to make this backpack since I think there are not enough elegant backpack and even much less vegan and cruelty-free backpacks, that suitable and comfortable for work, for modern women.

LYON BACKPACK, camel brown backpack

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THE ALBI BAG is the smallest and the newest bag from the collection. It is a great chic bag when all you need is your phone keys and small everyday essentials. 

The Albi bag


All the France-ArtDeco collection 

The new collection inspired by the Art Deco style

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Thanks for reading ❤️ and help the world become a better place with buying vegan and cruelty-free fashion. 
Bosmat & Petrushka Studio
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The Toulouse bag and the Albi bag - vegan bags by Petrushka studio
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Albi bag, Vegan small crossbody bag by Petrushka studio


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