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The new digital file section in the shop

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We love spreading the world of cruelty free fashion, with our vegan bags collections! and it's a great time to thank you, all our costumers, for the love you giving back to us with all the wonderful feedbacks we receiving from you, on a daily basis about our products. Thank you all !!! 

To continue our goal of bringing more awareness, about cruelty free life style we started the digital files section in the shop. You can download the files for free, and print for yourself and your friends, any cruelty free quotes you want, to help us spread more love to the world.

 This new section will grow with time with more vegan and cruelty free quotes so make sure to check it out from time to time.


Bosmat & PetrushkaStudio 

Go to check out all the new cruelty free quotes --> Digital files

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