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The new tote bag - LOVE IS MY RELIGION!

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As you know, one of our missions, is to inspire others for cruelty-free and vegan life.

To remind you, and me to deal with life with love. 

I made this tote bag, because I think there's nothing like a simple quote that can became your mantra, to reminds us what important ❤️ , and it's even better, when it comes as a good bag that can accompany you all day long in your busy day, especially in these modern times.

Love is my religion tote bag


Please don't forget, our competition is still on! 
We need your help to increasing awareness, and to inspire the world together.
Tell us, what is your live by quote for cruelty free life. What makes you get up in the morning and act to make this world, a better place? What's your motto? How do you inspire others?
Petrushka Studio
We'll chose few of your quotes and make graphic posters with the quotes. Which can be download for free, from our website.
The winners, that will chose there quotes will win the black Paris clutch!
Link to send as your live by quote



Thank you for your help


Petrushka Studio ❤


P.S. ❤Love the people close to you, because they deserve it.
❤Love yourself, because that is the only way others can love you.
❤Love your enemies, because they do not know better than that. 


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