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What is the right backpack for school?

Are you ready to get back to school?

The summer break is almost over and it's a great time to look over backpacks for your campus days.

What is the right bag?

The right one is the one that also suits your long days, your computer, some food, and all your everyday small essentials, and also will be good for a short day when you do not need much.

We have for you three great designs that can make your days on the campus!

 The first bag is the Milan backpack

Tha Milan backpack - Vegan backpack by Petrushka studio

That was what Amanda had to write about it:

"Super classy, especially since most backpacks don't look work appropriate! I use this to go to my job every day (holds notebooks and my 13" MacBook), hide my walking sneakers for my lunch break, and other personal items."

The second is the Lyon backpack

The Lyon backpack Vegan and eco friendly backpack by Petrushka studio

That was what Alexa had to write about it:

This is the second pack I've gotten from this shop. Her work is sincerely of the highest quality and way undervalued for what you're getting. They last forever and are subtly unique. I get compliments on both of the packs I have all the time.

The third backpack is the Larg Milan bag

LARGE MILAN, black and white backpack, Vegan bag by Petrushka studio


 That was what Sofia had to write about it:

"Love it!! Beautiful bag!!Thank you!!"


In addition to your backpacks, keep in mind that you will need a small bag for all your little things.

A small pouch bag is a must!

ALBI BAG, small crossbody bag. Vegan and eco friendly bag by Petrushka studio

You can take a small crossbody bag that gets into your backpack like the Albi bag, or you can take a small Handpouch

Small red pouch bag. Vegan and eco friendly bag by Petrushka studio

Also, check out our new pencil case. 

A simple and minimal design that will store your pens and pencils, cosmetics or art supplies.

Black Pencil Case


Have a successful and great school year.
Petrushka Studio




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