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Why sustainable fashion is the future!

Theres no looking back, the consumers awareness to sustainable fashion continues to grow!

We have lunch our brand in 2014, in purpose to create a brand of good quality vegan bags. With time and the search for materials, we have discovered the importance of materials that are friendly to the environment, in addition of being vegan.

Since we launched our brand we see the fashion industry and consumer awareness is gradually growing, there's still a long way to go but with all the technological development, it's feels like the world is getting smaller, and people can not ignore what is happening.

1) The world discover what is happening in Third World countries in clothing and fashion factories. Many consumers prefer not to know how our clothing is made but the information continues to flow, thanks to the technology, and it is hard to ignore it!  I believe it's just the beginning, we will continue to see and get more information about it, and to demand appropriate terms of employment to workers in these factories.

2) The awareness to take care our planet and buy ecological products increases.
With the global warming, more and more environmental organizations are educating us, how important is to consume ecological products.

3) With the new technologies, there's more and more brands that create ecological fashion, and there are no more excuses, not to buy ecological, when the products are  equally quality,  or even more quality compared to non-ecological products.

With consumer awareness, the big fashion brands are starting to get along with the trend because gradually they also understand that this is the future!

Let's help everyone else understand by buy only vegan, ethical and eco-friendly products.

That's all it takes to start changing the world, because small actions makes a big difference!

All the Love

Petrushka studio




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