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Work in process

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I love bags so much that I'm drawing all the time new ideas for bags. Every idea that come to mind I draw and try to play with the idea, by changing the shape and size in a new drawing. Only when I like the draw and can imagine my amazing customers wear it, I get to work. First I make the pattern. I make every part of the bag and lining from cardboard according to the drawing, after that I'm checking that the pattern is as I imagine by making the first prototype.

Drawing of bags, Preparation for collections

work in process

The first prototype made from leftover fabrics.


Work in process making the prototype

checking the prototype with the fabrics


 Brooklyn bell bag work in process

And finally after few changes the Brooklyn-bell bag is ready.

Work in process making the Brooklyn bell 

I know It's sounds easy but that's a work of few weeks :)


I hope you enjoy my blog and my handmade bags.

Love Bosmat. 


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